Is homework really important?


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Thing 4:

This is in response to  dy/dan (Mr. Meyer): Why I Don’t Assign Homework .  Although he is a   teacher, the dilemma is the same and so are the responses.  Why and how are homework valid.  In elementary there is the same concern of who is helping, is it really independent and is there cheating going on.  I understand why he does not give homework.  If the students understand, why homework?  And the ones that do not will probably not do well on the homework.  so, why give it?  Expectations.  Teachers have a duty to the parents as well as the students and parents expect homework.  Working in a private school, there is an expectation that the students are not learning if there is no homework.  Although in the same breath, they complain there is too much or not enough time.

I read the above blog and had to laugh.  Although I am greatly interested in using blogging, it does take a lot of time to read and weed out.  As I sit with a screaming baby on my lap, I wounder how I will get through and thoroughly enjoy blogging!


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Susan: I found your comments on the response to the homework blog very true. I also feel that homework is necessary and that although students complain constantly about homework it is necessary for them to gain the essential knowledge they need.

I also find that although very fun, blogging takes a lot of time which is hard to come by when taking care of your family even in the summer 🙂

Welcome to blogging! Maybe we can use it with my class next year.

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